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Born in the Cloud-Native, Growth with Open Source
Large-scale Kubernetes cluster diagnosis system, using cloud-native methods to diagnose large-scale cloud-native systems

KubeProber is a diagnostic tool designed for large-scale Kubernetes clusters. It is used to perform diagnostic items in the kubernetes cluster to prove whether the cluster’s functions are normal. It uses a cloud-native way to organize and run your diagnostic items, and supports user customization. Diagnostic items, and relying on the underlying cluster management architecture to achieve unified operation and maintenance management for large-scale Kubernetes clusters

Cloud Native !

The core logic is implemented by Operator, providing complete Kubernetes API compatibility.

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Large Scale !

The Master/Agent architecture is used to manage a large number of clusters, and the number of clusters supported based on the WebSocket connection theory is unlimited.

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Open Source !

Follow the Apache 2.0 license, if you want to contribute to this project, please refer to Contributing to KubeProber.

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